Thursday, June 16, 2016

Favorite Liquid Lipstick: Makeup Monsters

t-b: wolfsbane, dusk, darkness prevails, vintage avenue

I have what I like to think of as a healthy obsession with lipstick. The past few years, liquid lipsticks have stolen my heart and I've tried a large selection of brands and colors. So far, my absolute favorite brand is Makeup Monsters. 

Makeup Monsters in an indie cosmetics company based in Washington that creates vegan and cruelty free liquid lipsticks. They have such a wide selection of shades from the most natural nude pinks to blues, purples and greens. There's something for everyone. The formula is the best I've found. It is a thin, quick drying formula that is super opaque and once it sets it is incredibly long lasting. I don't find these as drying as most other liquid lipsticks and in fact, basically feel like you aren't wearing anything. 

I've got a good selection of four shades initially and can't wait to try more. 
Wolfsbane is a deep greige with lavender undertones. On my very fair skin this is a deep mauve/purple. 
Dusk is a cool toned light grey. On my skin tones, this leans more blue-grey.

Blackness Prevails is a true black.
Vintage Avenue is described as a plummy mauve with brown undertones. On me, this is a great dark nude. I get so many compliments anytime I'm wearing this out. 

Even though I only four shades right now, I hope to get more because these are an amazing formula from a really great indie brand. 

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