Monday, June 27, 2016

Lularoe: my newest clothing obsession

I hadn't ever heard of Lularoe until March of this year. I saw someone mention it on instagram with a link to their friend's shop on facebook. I went and was thinking: "oh this is one of those junky shop from home things. The clothes are probably cheap overpriced trash." Nevertheless, I joined the facebook group and looked around. I saw that the leggings were the place to be. Ended up joining a few other groups and decided to give a pair of black leggings a chance.
  I got the leggings in and...wasn't impressed. Sure they were soft, but they were thin and cost $25. I can get $5 leggings from forever 21, what do I need these for? Then I wore them a few times and oh boy did my opinion change. I fell in love.
Cut to today-the end of June- and I have 7 pairs of leggings and 6 shirts. I am officially obsessed.

If you didn't know, Lularoe is a company where consultants sell the clothes through at home shops, facebook groups or periscope parties. They have leggings, skirts, dresses, tops and even cardigans/cover ups. There are constantly new patterns coming out and only a small amount of items are made in each pattern. So far, I've not tried the dresses or cardigans. The leggings are so comfortable though. They are buttery soft and so much fun.

Pig, whale, and gemstone leggings

My favorite shirt is the perfect tee. It really is perfect.

It has side slits and a flowy bottom and is just so comfortable and flattering. 

I was so skeptical at first, but the clothes are really so much fun and so flattering on all body shapes. I suggest searching groups on facebook and join and get ready for your next obsession.

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